Coaching: a Tool for Teachers

 By Margot Phaneuf, R.N., Ph.D.


When we consider some of the difficulties our students have to face, we wonder what could possibly be done to help them out of this predicament. Indeed, it distresses us to see some of them working so hard without succeeding as they ought to, or when we realize that a good number of the others drop out with indifferent or reckless attitudes towards failure. Whether this is due to learning disorders – for we find these even at college level – or whether it is due to a disorganization of their existential perspectives, some of our students stumble over problems that, if left unsolved, could lead to setbacks in their career, or even their life, objectives. These difficulties can be attributed to the lack of seriousness ascribable to youth, conditions at home, and perhaps also the need or the desire to work to earn money while studying.

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