Unhappiness, depression…meditation


Margot Phaneuf, R.N. PhD.© 1


In our competitive society with its ephemeral interpersonal relationships and “throw- away” human beings, understandably we often feel dissatisfied. The difficulties of work, study and family life, especially when we must juggle them all at once, constitute important stress factors which generate unhealthy tensions which we now know cause all kinds of problems affecting our physical and mental health. Some days we feel apathetic, out of our depth, stress overcomes us and depression rears its ugly head with its plethora of gloomy days. And if we don’t intervene, it may invade our entire life. Moreover, these tensions can usher in a host of other afflictions such as anxiety crises, phobias, burnout, hypertension, digestive or sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, dependent behaviour and so on

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