Intercultural Approach: A Current Need

Margot Phaneuf, R.N., Ph.D.


Part 1: Profile of the Condition of Immigrants in Quebec and the Challenges They Face

“Yet, he is never simply torn between here and elsewhere, now and before. Those who believe they are crucified in such a fashion forget that nothing ties them there anymore, and, so far, nothing binds them here. Always elsewhere, the foreigner belongs nowhere.”1

Julia Kristeva

Due to its file size, this document has been divided into three parts. The first section provides general information on interculturalism, care and the role of the nurse in this context. Basic and essential information is also provided on the migratory process, on potential adaptation methods for immigrants, and on how to get to know this clientele better. This section also provides a realistic outlook on the health condition of newcomers, their origins, their level of education, their average age, and so on.

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